eyecad VR 1.4.9. – A New User Experience in 2018 for the most intuitive virtual reality archviz software

It has been hard, but we did it!

A lot of changes are arriving inside eyecad VR 1.4.9. We are talkting about the most important update before the mayor release of the 1.5.0 version.


– A more minimalistic UI to improve the general user experience

“an example of the new UI for eyecad VR 1.4.9”

Thanks to the new User Interface, it’s easier to find what you want. Leafing through the folders for the object or for the materials, now is more efficiently because we remove the boxes that before included a lot of the functions.  The new scroll bar, is more minimalistic and with the new grey box you will find your software nearest to your eye during the normal working operations.


– The new MATERIAL EDITOR appears when you call it!

the new material editor and new categories

After a lot of tests we discovered that a dinymic UI is more efficently than a fixed one. For this reason if you double-click in a metarial, the material editor will appear immediatly on your right. In this way you can have everythings under your control and you can set the best features for your material.


– How to create a PBR Archviz material for realtime rendering? You need just a click with eyecad VR!



You need just a click to trasform your texture in a PBR material with eyecad VR.

Thanks to the new algorithm is possible to generate normal map and reflection map in a second, infact, after you add a texture in the  appropriate box, eyecad vr will generate the other two channels that will give to the material the best and realistic quality.

an example of the new PBR material automatically generated by texture


– More than 140 3D Low poly objects VR READY…For Free! Vintage Pack is now available !


Eames lounge chair by Le Corbusier

All “Vintage you need” it’s ready and optimized for Realtime rendering and Virtual Reality exploration. Create a lot of amazing architectural walk with the iconic of furnishings. Download directly inside eyecad VR and customize your archviz scene! Vintage Pack it’s just the first free pack of a series of 3D objects VR ready and low-poly.

– More than 150 PBR Materials are now available and free for download!


bricks section inside eyecad vr library

What else? ENJOY the most intuitive archviz software with realtime rendering for virtual reality, eyecad VR!