What’s new in eyecad VR 1.4.5. – The power of realtime rendering engine for Virtual Reality

One year of innovation

In Novmeber 2016 eyecad VRLite was released in the market for the first time. A lot of things have changed and more things will change again.

Yes, because our mission is to improve performance, quality and intuitive functions step by step. Month by month we work hard to

to make the use of software more and more as a pleasant, fast and productive experience for our vision: Virtual Reality Realtime Rendering ArchViz Software.

After the Plugin for Sketchup, very soon we’ll release the Revit and Rhinoceros Plug-in to go fast from modelling software to our ArchViz software.

What’s new

the 1.4.5 is one of the most important update for eyecad VR.

The realtime rendering for ArchViz in eyecad VR


Thanks to the new rendering engine that we develop for more than 1 year, we improve performance and quality of rendering in general specially for interior quality.

As we can see we improve Arealight to create realistic interior environments that are conditionated form the sunlight color. But is not all.

Are you Explorer or Designer? Sharing VR is the key!

Thanks to the new “sharing button” now we can choose to send a VR project with Mobile (soon on iOS) or to the Desktop Viewer with our customers that now they can explore their house by home in a PC desktop or by smartphone.

At the beginning you can choose if you want to create VR scenes or if you want to explore a Cloud project in VR

Generate a link and share your interactive VR  project for your customers is very easy, just with eyecad VR!

This is just the beginning!

We are working very hard to give to you by the end of 2017 the definitive and performing version of eyecad VR Lite and Advanced. We are going to improve the workflow inside the softwares and a special gift for our users that very soon will recieve for free with the next updates. At this moment enjoy the power of the new realtime rendering engine!



KEEP CALM, STAY TUNED and ArchViz in Virtual Reality with eyecad VR!