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Eyecad VR 2020.5 – July Free Update

New features, new assets and improved performance

With the arrival of July, Eyecad VR 2020 reaches version 2020.5 which includes a series of important improvements of the already known 2020 version released in Q1 of this year.

Thanks to the continuous feedbacks provided by users, the team has worked constantly to offer a better performing experience that can meet the needs of its community. In more detail, the most important improvements made this summer are explained below.

Play Video

Video texture

By popular demand, the possibility of adding a video in mp4 format in the texture section of the “material editor” is finally available. This will allow users to create animated textures and to apply, for example, new materials for TV screens, city billboards, projection panels to simulate a movie theatre.

Two-sided mode

Two-sided mode is an important function that shows object meshes from both sides. It has been improved in term of performance and visual quality.

Although, it is always recommended to perform a solid modeling considering the correct orientation of the normal direction of the mesh, even if this function allows many users to do not necessarily correct the mesh direction problems in the 3D modeling software.

New Frozen lake

In this summer release, the Eyecad VR team adds a new shader to the Landscape Editor’s “water” tool. Thanks to this new lake shader, it is possible to simulate a totally snowy setting, even in the lake that will freeze completely to enrich the visual experience and the suggestion of snowy scenes.

Before After

Saving – Backup Reminder

Often, it happens to forget to save the scene where you are working, thus risking to lose hours and hours of precious time dedicated to build that scene. It is for this reason that the new “Backup Reminder” function can be very useful, especially when, concentrating on your work, you can forget to save the project to secure the work done up to that point.

Update 3D model

Clicking on the “Update” icon inside the “Objects” TAB, you can update your 3D model, modified in the 3D modeling software without losing the work done on the parts not modified by the solid modeling software. This feature has been updated to improve the importing workflow.

3D Heightmap

This new feature, specific to the “Material Editor”, unlocks the extrusion functionality of the PBR material, ensuring greater realism. In fact, thanks to the Height maps it is possible to adjust the “3D” effect of the created material. From a simple “diffuse” texture, Eyecad VR is able to create automatically the 2D image of the Heightmap channel.
It also allows you to manually load the height map texture to obtain the maximum potential of the channel dedicated to the extrusion effect.

New 3D models

With the July update, Eyecad VR adds approximately 500 new “ready-to-render” 3D models in high quality, that are already very well optimized for virtual reality exploration and real-time rendering.

New Poliigon bookcase

Thanks to the partnership with the Poliigon platform, Eyecad VR enriches its own PBR material library with over 600 new materials with updates of about 60 materials per month starting from July. For more info, please read this article: New PBR materials in partnership with Poliigon.

Enjoy the future of the architectural visualization with Eyecad VR!

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