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    Hello Nicolas,

    First of all welcome to the EVR Forum!

    About the "update 3D model" i can highly suggest to try to work with .FBX format. It should be better. Please let us know if it works better with your Freecad model.

    About the freecad plugin it is not on our roadmap for the moment but we can evaluate it in the future.



    Hello thorndikedev,

    First of all, you're welcome to the Eyecad VR Community!

    1- Is it possible to change the name of objects? How?

    Yes of course, at the beginning inside the importing dialog window, on the top of its.

    2- Is it possible to bulk replace materials? For example, my vray stainless steel texture isn't looking right in your software would love to just replace it everywhere with one of your pre-made textures rather than editing and finding every mesh instance.

    Could you provide us with some screenshots to support your request? It would help us understand the problem better. Vray Materials don't work with Eyecad VR but it's easy to recreate them into the software. Let us know.

    3 - Once we finish editing an object in eyecad is it possible to save it for future use in another model. For example, we build condominiums and currently have all our designs in sketchup+ vray. If I want to import them all into your system I don't want to have to re-texure the same refrigerator every time it is imported.

    Any support for vray materials or an easy import?

    It's possible to create your own Personal Material Sets (take a look here:

    ) and soon it will be possible to the same with the Personal Objects Sets (just wait our future updates).

    About Vray at this moment it is not possible to easy import them.

    I hope to be helpful !



    Ciao federicocordioli ,

    Gli aggiornamenti per Eyecad VR 2020 sono cumulativi e prevedono principalmente bugfix. Qualora trovassi problemi ti prego di contattare il supporto tecnico aprendo un ticket di assistenza diretto, in questo modo il nostro reparto aggiungerà eventuali migliorie al primo aggiornamento utile.

    Presto ci saranno novità riguardo le nuove versioni, continua a seguirci per avere nuovi aggiornamenti :)



    Hello ,

    probably the support ticket has been lost caused by a server down we had.

    However, i higly suggest to you to sent the video to our supprt team directly via email.

    This is the support mail direct contact:

    Our support team will help you to solve, please send them the video to help them to undestrand your problem.

    Don't forget: We help our users every day. I hope that the misunderstanding has been cleared up now.

    Waiting for your email.

    Best regards


    We have received your suggestion about the Scene tags, and for this reason our R&D team has added this helpful feature.

    As you can understand, it will require time to update, so, if you have the latest license, you will be able to download the update when it will be available.

    I hope to be clear :)

    All the best,


    Dear ,

    we are trying to answer the many topics you have opened on this forum. Of course the forum is important to us, so we try to give you as exhaustive answers as possible.

    When this does not happen, it is important that you contact our FREE support service directly, in two ways:

    Open a ticket via the page or write directly to our technical support at this email:

    Also, you have shared an image of a very old version in the discussion above, so to our support, specify which version you are using and be as specific as possible.

    It is our interest to help all users (and the posts on the forum prove it to you) however, sometimes more in-depth support is needed and for this reason I invite you to contact our support center as soon as possible.

    I hope I have been exhaustive enough to clarify your doubts about our interest in our users.

    Best Regards,


    Dear ,

    our R&D team has added this useful feature to the users whish list and will be added when it will be possible.

    Take in mind that the new update will be done for Eyecad VR Render only.

    The older version will be supported for bugfix only.

    Best regards,


    Hello Federico,

    thank you so much for your feedback.

    It could be a good idea, we will take a look at our roadmap and we will see if it will be possible to insert this feature into the future release of Eyecad VR.

    All the best,