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Scientific research in universities all over the world


Since the beginning, since the first eyecad VR version software was released on the market about 18 months ago, DIGITAL ATOM has always focused and strongly believed in the EDUCATIONAL program. One of the reasons that drives us to believe in education is the technological advancement usable for free in the public Universities.

It is worth mentioning that eyecad VR Advanced has proved to be an internationally competitive software that has confirmed that the path taken is the correct one; just imagine the advantages that the software in question can bring in terms of didactics in the schools of architecture: reduction of the costs of prototyping and total interactive immersion are just two of the ingredients that contribute to the growth of the world of virtual reality applied to Architecture and particular way to architectural visualization. In this article we want to show how the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is working.

The latter is carrying out various experimentations in teaching through the use of real time rendering software and interactive virtual reality; after having tried various solutions, they immediately requested the adhesion to the EDUCATIONAL program of eyecad VR. The merger between the two technologies is becoming more and more strengthened and the future can only go in this direction.

We thank the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Tech for the photographic material provided. (http://www-e.ntust.edu.tw/home.php)

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