eyecad VR Start

The simplest software for interactive Virtual Reality architecture.

What can you do? Simple.

With eyecad VR Start, explore your architectural projects in interactive virtual reality. Set the combinations of materials and thanks to the visualization in real time, let your customer choose the finishes, bring doors and windows and make the objects movable.
eyecad VR Start is the gateway to the world of virtual reality for architecture.

The Power of Virtual Reality.

Thanks to the perception of space, virtual reality allows a more accurate visualization and understanding of the architectural project.

Interactivity. And everything comes to life.

Interaction is the next step to virtual reality. Animate doors, windows or furniture doors and set different combinations of materials.

One click to VR.

Import your project, explore it and interact with it.
Just with a simple click.

User Friendly. No difficulty.

The software interface has been designed to facilitate access to the revolutionary technology of virtual reality and real-time rendering.

Main features of
eyecad VR Start

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