Thanks to its ready-to-use 3D resources, eyecad VR is extremely fast to create a full scene starting from a simple 3D project model.

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PBR Materials

eyecad VR has a library of 500+ customizable PBR materials to solve the needs of any project. Materials library is continuously updated, also thanks to the introduction of new types, such as the recent Fur and Water.


Furniture and objects

eyecad VR offers a constantly updated catalog of 3D models for interior and exterior projects. Moreover, it is possible to import and manage third parties 3D models.

People and cars

eyecad VR has a catalog of 3D models of people and cars, configurable and animatable with simple settings within the scene.



eyecad VR let end users to use and customize objects and finishes. Designers can set up every configuration option with simple coding free tools.

Terrain Editor

eyecad VR's proprietary system creates environment, land and water, to build a detailed context of any architectural exterior.

Weather system

Real-time weather conditions and day/night cycle

eyecad VR let you to set the time (day/night) and the weather effects (sun/clouds/snow/rain) to place your project in many realistic situations.

HDRI backgrounds

eyecad VR allows you to illuminate scenes immediately thanks to a series of HDRI presets, able to automatically adapt to the size of the project scene and support the HDRI global illumination.


eyecad VR makes the lighting of indoor scenes simple and intuitive, thanks to a series of presets and light sources configurable by color, intensity and distribution (IES).

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