Thanks to its real-time rendering technology, eyecad VR can generate images, videos, and interactive apps based on the same project scene.

Real-Time | key features

Real-time technology, really in real-time

eyecad VR has a real 3D Real-time engine: every rendering (at any resolution) gets ready in a fraction of a second. No calculation time needed.

Ray-tracing in real-time (Beta)

eyecad VR supports ray-tracing mode, which can guarantee physically correct simulations in real time, from the rendering of global lighting to the calculation of material reflections.

Composition and Photography

The eyecad VR cameras focus exclusively on the composition aspects of images and animations, without getting lost in computer graphics troubles.

Still images and videos

eyecad VR allows you to create videos and animations with the same simplicity, quality and speed required by individual images, through an intuitive and practical interface to manage even for those who have no experience in video editing.

eyecad VR Viewer

The eyecad VR proprietary viewer is developed to navigate and interact with the project scenes: in both display mode and virtual reality. The viewer is free to download to anyone and doesn't require the full version of the software.

360 Panoramas

eyecad VR generates 360 panoramic and photorealistic renderings of internal and external environments, with the possibility of defining multiple observation points within the same scene, in order to make navigation simple and intuitive even for customers.

Real-Time | tutorial

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