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It’s time to go beyond visualization. With Eyecad VR Studio you can easily turn your project into a fully interactive and immersive experience that truly engage and leave the mark. Whether you need to present an architectural project, a real estate proposal or want to recreate a virtual tour of your art exhibition, don’t miss the chance to make it memorable delivering / providing your audience an immersive 3D VR experience that bring a sparkle in their eyes.

Pre-render your projects

Thanks to the super fast light baking technology, you can pre-calculate lighting information, like illumination and shadows, and get your outputs at the speed of light!

  • Create top quality 3D visual experience at a never-before-seen speed
  • Calculate lights once, store results and use again
  • Enjoy the next level of VR quality experience

Create interactive environments with maximum customization

Let your audience truly experience the design you envisioned for them, allowing full interactivity also in virtual reality.

  • Easily change objects and materials in real-time while exploring the design
  • Set up interactive lights to quickly show your project under different lighting conditions
  • Engage your audience setting up informative overlays

Explore your projects on the Web, without the aid of a dedicated video card.

They way you present your design is fundamental for the final decision making process.

Turn your presentations into fully interactive and immersive web tours that you can simply share via link and your customers can explore from any laptop without installing any software.

Plus, unlike 360 Panorama tours, the viewer can freely walk around, exploring every single corner, also in VR!

Embed the walkthrough in your website to showcase your best projects, share it on social channels to promote your business.

Hardware Requirements

In order to participate the Early Access of Eyecad VR Studio it’s necessary to have a Windows PC (version 1902 or higher) with Nvidia RTX video card of the 2000 or 3000 series. 

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