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The 3D Configurator

Digital contents are completely changing the relationship between users and the product, and the key of success of the digital experience lies in a series of fundamental factors, that designers and developers have to consider: to be real.
Therefore, it is becoming necessary a great fidelity in simulation thanks to photorealistic rendering, and a user experience (UX) that makes the interaction between the user and the product itself natural. In other words, the digital experience must be as much similar as possible to the real one, in order to minimize the distance between the reality and the virtual.
Fields such as architecture and design can’t ignore these rules, seen that they appeal to a very large and heterogeneous public. In the communication of the project, interaction is becoming more and more necessary. Virtual architecture users manifest the desire to try to see in what way the space would look like by changing the finishes and elements provided by the project. Let’s think about interior design, where designers have always been called to propose alternative solutions, with a series of renderings that show the final project showing how it could look like with a parquet floor, rather than resin or stoneware. In the same way, the users want to change the color of the walls, or other elements such as the furnitures or lighting fixtures. Today this configurability must be guaranteed to the user, to generate a higher involvement with the project, thanks to the possibility to explore the environments in real time and to evaluate personally the result of their choices according with the huge variety of elements and alternatives.

The most important challenge: easier 3D configurators to be created and to be used

3D configurators are a more and more frequently tool used to give life to digital experiences.
The designers must foresee the configurability options during the architecture creation process, providing all the variables that the customer can implement to customize the version required. These logics have been rooted for so long in the so-called game engines ( the software used to develop video games) which are quite far from to be used in a simple way without an advanced programming skills, that usually are not required in the fields of an engineer or a architect.
In the design architecture market is more and more necessary the support of a tool that allows you to create interactions, and that can be easily used by a designer, as well as the final user.

The eyecad VR 2020 solution

Thanks to a real-time 3D engine that is very similar to the one used by video game development software, Eyecad VR 2020 is able to create interactive experiences on any device (mobile and desktop) obtaining the maximum level of immersion and involvement thanks to the virtual reality. The method used by the designer to create and save the projects that the user can configure is very simple: it consists of saving multiple versions that the software automatically loads into the application that allows the customer to explore the project.

Thanks to Eyecad VR 2020 it is possible to create interactive and configurable projects without  programming skills and without knowing a single line of code. The program interface allows you to create any kind of layout variables with a simple selection through the materials present in the software, remembering to save them all the time. Very easy and intuitive!
The same concept is applied to the settings of all the possible interactive elements present in the project: from the possibility of moving and rotating some furniture elements, to the possibility of opening and closing elements such as doors, windows and furniture.

The interior design perfect solution

The simple method used to create and configure the scenes makes eyecad VR 2020 a practical, fast and cheap software solution for professional interior designers, who can quickly configure a series of demonstrations where they can add their furnitures. The customer can play with the final solutions, so he can choose himself the home of his dreams. This is a precious tool that can be used by  interior designers and by technical offices of furniture brands, architecture and construction, whit the aim to implement their 3D catalogs in an interactive way, to be shared with own customers.


To try the simple and powerful means of  Eyecad VR 2020 3D configurators click here.

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