I want to set UV

  • Hi Stefan Bosco / Ceo


    There are no Intersse eyecad users, who bought the program to help. I've been waiting for a solution since October 23rd.
    Even instant answers, nothing happens.

    I really thought this program would be interesting for our office.

    Since we bought the program on October 23rd, 21st, we have not been able to use the program at all.
    We are very sorry that we have no further uses at the moment.

    I hope that you, as CEO, can appreciate how important a forum is. For us this shows the quality, innovation and vision of your company through user questions and at the moment it doesn't seem to be.:thumbdown:

  • Dear d.design ,

    we are trying to answer the many topics you have opened on this forum. Of course the forum is important to us, so we try to give you as exhaustive answers as possible.

    When this does not happen, it is important that you contact our FREE support service directly, in two ways:

    Open a ticket via the page or write directly to our technical support at this email: support@eyecadvr.com

    Also, you have shared an image of a very old version in the discussion above, so to our support, specify which version you are using and be as specific as possible.

    It is our interest to help all users (and the posts on the forum prove it to you) however, sometimes more in-depth support is needed and for this reason I invite you to contact our support center as soon as possible.

    I hope I have been exhaustive enough to clarify your doubts about our interest in our users.

    Best Regards,


  • Answer:

    1.) I wrote to your support first and am still waiting for the answer. After waiting for so long, I was so disappointed that I didn't see any other option, hoping to get help through the forum from other participants.

    2.) It is correct that the picture is old. But where should I get a new picture, because there is only old YouTube. I haven't even found anything in the manual.

    3.) Actually, the problem is not the old picture, but the help you don't get. I want to be able to scale the texture material that I have on the object, because most of the time the scaling is wrong.

    4.) I don't understand if you buy a new program on October 23rd and of course update it before you use it to ask which version you could have. I hope the latest.I don't know where to see.

    5.) It would be much nicer and helpful if you recognize the problem and suggest a solution, because maybe I don't really know what the command is to get UV.

    Sorry, instead I get lovely, lovely words.

    In the forum at Enscape or D5 Render, we also receive help if the question is not understood, a direct mail address so that we can send a video or we have to copy and send the folder as specified to localize the problem. Maybe you should take up this idea instead of wasting so much time.

    I would be happy to send you a video if it helps for the solution via WeTranfer or whatever you want.

  • Hello d.design ,

    probably the support ticket has been lost caused by a server down we had.

    However, i higly suggest to you to sent the video to our supprt team directly via email.

    This is the support mail direct contact:


    Our support team will help you to solve, please send them the video to help them to undestrand your problem.

    Don't forget: We help our users every day. I hope that the misunderstanding has been cleared up now.

    Waiting for your email.

    Best regards

  • Did you contact our Support team?

    Let me know please,


    thank you,

    Unfortunately my holidays are over now. This 2 week, I wanted to get to know EyeCad better.
    i'm working again now, if i find the time i will send the video to support.

    Maybe I'll wait for the next update and hope for a video to see how to use it, until then I hope my question will be resolved.

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