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Explore the features that will empower you to present your design projects like never before.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

With its simplified and intuitive interface, Eyecad VR is accessible to everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals.


Real-time rendering

Every rendering, at any resolution, is ready within a fraction of a second – You no longer have to wait for lengthy rendering processes. Experience the joy of instant visual feedback as you make changes to your designs in real-time.

Extensive Object Library
Ready to Use 3D Assets

Details make the difference. Endless possibilities in your Eyecad VR library to enrich your scenes: from interior to exterior, furniture to lighting, just one click away.

PBR Materials for Ultimate Customization

Craft your vision with precision.

An extensive material library with textures, colors, and surfaces to bring your unique designs to life. Add realism with lucidity, reflection and effect controls.

Craft the perfect Atmosphere

Set the perfect mood, effortlessly. Whether it’s night or day, sun or rain, light or shadow – evoke emotions and tell compelling stories with your designs.

Shape your Landscape

Recreate the natural or manmade landscapes of your projects with our powerful terrain editor.

Animate your Scenes

Make your projects come alive with captivating animations. Populate your virtual world with animated 3D people, cars, and custom objects. Set the path to watch characters and vehicles move around.

Interactive scenes that engage

Create immersive experiences with interactive elements:

Everything you need to share your scenes

Showcase and share your creations

Let the world experience your incredible designs!

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