The definitive experience to explore and live Architecture.

Immersive and intuitive

You finally don't need to explain anything: in virtual reality anyone can explore and try the project. Anyone can live the house of his dreams even before it was built.

From concept design to real estate

Virtual reality allows all stakeholders to make decisions quickly and easily:

• Designers can evaluate the evolution of their work on a real scale.

• Clients and potential buyers can explore the project as if it had already been realized.

Virtual reality for mobile devices

The dedicated eyecad 360 tool allows you to view 360 renderings interactively on the main stand-alone VR headsets available on the market, by sharing a simple web link.

An up-to-date system

eyecad VR is compatible with main virtual reality commercial kits: Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality.

Coding free

Simple interactions, set in visual mode, without programming in code.

Virtual Reality | how does it works

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