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The ultimate 3D Real-Time Rendering software in Virtual Reality

Create high-quality renderings, video animations, 360 web tours and VR interactive visualizations at the speed of light.

Present your design as immersive VR experiences

Showcase in advance how the project will look like, fulfill your customers’ desire to truly experience the space you are designing for them.

Interactive 3D VR experiences

Made for creating fully interactive VR explorations and immersive engaging presentations.

828 Billed Annually
  • Free updates to the latest software version
  • Use on as many machines as you want
  • Expert support included
  • Languages:  🇮🇹  🇬🇧  🇫🇷  🇵🇱  🇨🇿
  • Available for Windows
  • *Internet connection required

Frequently Asked Questions


You can use your eyecad VR license key in two different PCs by using them not at the same time. Just login with your email and license key.

Every eyecad VR license is Lifetime, so you don’t need to pay any subscriptions.

Yes of course, but we suggest you to contact our Sales Team to receive more informations for Enterprise solutions.

Sure, but we need to understand if we have a reseller close to you, so we suggest you to contact us to take more information about it.

It’s not a problem, our “Buy” page is able to recognize your country and it calculates your taxes.

You can now update your eyecad VR license by contacting us when an update is required. Please note that we guarantee all bugfixes and some new features during your lifetime license, but if you want to upgrade to the latest version of eyecad VR you can contact us to receive a quote to upgrade your license.

License / New user

Of course yes, you can download the 30-days trial version by clicking on Download button.

Learn how to use eyecad VR by following us on our Official YouTube Channel.

If you need help, you can open a ticket by using our contact us. Our technical support will help you to improve the quality of your projects!


Take a look at your “spam” folder in your email box. Sometimes it happens that the license key mail goes overthere. If you can not find it please contact our technical support here.

At the moment of the Trial request, when you finish to complete your registration, we will send an email with the license key and the setup link to download the software. Please, download the eyecad VR Setup and log in with your email registrated and the license key recieved.

If you are already a user of eyecad VR you can access to the “My eyecad VR” section and download the setup file to perform a new installation.
If you are a new user, you will receive the Setup link in the email at the time of Trial activation request once registration is completed.

Inside the eyecad VR Launcher, when it’s available a new update, a “download” icon will appear before to launch eyecad VR. Click on the updates icon and wait the new downloading. eyecad VR will be automatically updated.

We are sorry, but as you know eyecad VR is built by people, if you contact us, we will be happy to help you to solve your problems.

System requirements

You need a computer with a dedicated graphic card. Nvidia GTX/RTX series are very good. It’s not recommended to use a graphic card Nvidia Quadro series.

Nvidia GTX series from the 970 model to the highest one / AMD equivalent.

Nvidia RTX series from the 2070 model to the highest one / AMD equivalent.

High-end laptop PCs are very good with eyecad VR. The important thing is that it should has a dedicated graphic card starting from the GTX 1060.

eyecad VR was born in Windows 10 but it works good with Windows 8.1 and 7. However it’s not guarantee the compatibility with all eyecad VR plugins and it’s not possible to analyse the crashes.

Minimum requirements

Need help?

Commercial support is only available in English or Italian.