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From 01/06/2017 the customer who purchases an eyecad VR Start, eyecad VR Advanced, eyecad VR Pro license can activate, if required, a monthly, annual or biennial subscription, with automatic renewal and debit on the payment method previously chosen and at the expiry of the previously chosen term. The subscription will continue to renew automatically until the user cancels the subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time by following the instructions specified on the Digital Atom SRL website at www.eyecadvr.com, or by contacting Customer Service at www.eyecadvr.com. The user will be able to continue to access and use the subscription service until the end of the subscription period. Digital Atom SRL reserves the right to change the Purchase Price of a recurring subscription at any time. In this case, Digital Atom SRL will give a notice of at least thirty (30) days to the user. By continuing to use the periodic subscription, the user indicates to accept the new purchase price which will therefore be recurrently charged.

If envisaged, the purchase in a single solution (perpetual license) will be charged immediately to the payment method previously chosen without any subscription subscription.

The Pay & Forget purchase method provides for the payment of software licenses: eyecad VR Start, eyecad VR Advanced and eyecad VR Pro with a subscription of 5 years without automatic renewal.

On Eyecad VR, you can request a refund for almost all types of purchases and for any reason; for example, if your hardware is not up to par, or if you bought the software by mistake or maybe you did not like it.
If you send the request through the website www.eyecadvr.com within 14 days of purchase and having used the software for less than ten hours, Digital Atom SRL will reimburse regardless of the reason. Even if you do not meet the minimum refund conditions, you can still apply and we will take a look at your request. Read all the details below.
You will receive a refund, within thirty days of approval, on the payment method used to make the purchase. If Digital Atom SRL is not able to make a refund on the initial payment method, you will be contacted at the telephone and email addresses specified during registration.

Refund conditions

Refunds within two weeks of purchase and less than ten hours of use are available only for software purchased from the Eyecad VR Store.

Right of withdrawal EU

To see the details of the application of the EU withdrawal right to Eyecad VR customers, visit the page


Refunds are designed to minimize risks when shopping on Eyecad VR and not to get free software. If we find abuse of the refund system, we can block refunds on your account for future purchases. Requesting reimbursement of software purchased before sales to buy it back at the discounted price is not considered abuse.

How to request a refund

On www.eyecadvr.com you can ask for a refund or other assistance for purchases made on Eyecad VR.

Revision date: January 2, 2019