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Eyecad VR Updates Revit Plugin to 2024

Revit Rendering becomes easier and easier with Eyecad VR Plugin Update for Revit 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural design and virtual reality, Eyecad VR stands at the forefront once again with its latest breakthrough – the Revit 2024 Plugin Update. This enhancement is set to redefine the rendering experience, making Revit rendering more accessible and efficient than ever before. 

Read the full article to discover how Eyecad VR is making strides in simplifying the rendering process.

Full Compatibility - Revit + Eyecad VR: A Perfect Match

With the update of the Eyecad VR plugin to Revit 2024, compatibility reaches new heights. Revit and Eyecad VR now form a perfect match, allowing for a seamlessly integrated design experience. The updated plugin facilitates a smoother workflow and transition between Revit and Eyecad VR, ensuring that the creative process remains uninterrupted.

revit plugin 2024 Eyecad VR

Streamlined Data Transfer - Direct Export of Revit Projects into Eyecad VR, Preserving all textures

Eyecad VR Revit 2024 Plugin Update makes  data transfer between Revit and Eyecad VR increasingly smoother,allowing direct export of Revit projects into Eyecad VR without intermediaries. The plugin’s paramount feature lies in its direct transfer capability. Not only can you update the 3D model seamlessly, but you can export your Revit project directly into Eyecad VR without intermediary file formats. This ensures a streamlined process, eliminating complexities. Additionally, the plugin preserves all textures from the Revit project, a crucial feature absent in direct FBX exports from Revit. In essence, the Eyecad VR Revit 2024 Plugin empowers designers by simplifying data transfer and preserving project details, revolutionizing the design process in Eyecad VR.

About Revit 2024 Update - Things you should know about

If you still haven’t updated to Revit 2024, here a short list of things you should know about Revit 2024 Update

  • Toposolids: Improved tools for handling topography and enhancing terrain modeling.
  • Dark Theme: An aesthetically pleasing dark theme option for a more comfortable and customizable user interface.
  • Add Multiple Views and Schedules: Streamlined efficiency with the ability to add multiple views and schedules simultaneously.
  • Search in Project Browser: Enhanced project navigation with a search functionality in the Project Browser.
  • Open Sheet Directly from Drawing Area: Convenient access to sheets directly from the drawing area for a more fluid workflow.

These features represent significant improvements in functionality, usability, and overall user experience in Revit 2024.

For all news about Revit 2024, read full official article here .

Enhancing Your Workflow with Eyecad VR

Eyecad VR is not here to change your beloved workflow; it is here to enhance it. The Revit 2024 Plugin Update is a testament to Eyecad VR’s commitment to making the design process more powerful and efficient. By seamlessly integrating with Revit, Eyecad VR ensures that designers can continue to work in familiar environments while unlocking new possibilities in virtual reality. The update doesn’t disrupt your creative process; it enhances it, providing a tool that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Download the Revit Plugin Now!

Ready to experience the power of the enhanced Revit 2024 Plugin for Eyecad VR? Download the plugin now and embark on a journey where your design ideas seamlessly come to life in the immersive world of virtual reality.

Download plugin here.


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