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Over 2000 new 3D objects Render-Ready for free

Library Pack 1 – New free library update for Eyecad VR PRO 2020

One of the most important goals of Eyecad VR team is certainly to provide as many 3D assets as possible to accelerate and improve the workflow of our users. For this reason, the Eyecad VR team is pleased to announce the first largest 3D library’s Eyecad VR 2020 update totally for free.

Eyecad VR, in partnership with the Italian “Immensive” team (www.immensive.it), will implement over 2000 3D objects to be used for renderings, videos and explorations in real time. The first large package is made by almost 500 new, optimized and high quality objects oriented towards architectural rendering.

3D libraries are the main heart of the software designed with the “drag’n’drop” logic, and it is thanks to this logic that Eyecad VR is appreciated all over the world.

The libraries will be implemented monthly, completely charge free and without the need to update the software, seen that the assets’ libraries are available directly in the cloud in a specific section in the object TAB of Eyecad VR PRO 2020.

The Eyecad VR team is delighted to be able to offer this service and much more to our users around the world who actively contribute with the development and support of Eyecad VR.

Enjoy the future of the architectural visualization with Eyecad VR!

eyecad VR team